Baby Box Progress

Well done to the City of Belen and the appointed representative, Fire Chief Charles Cox, for officially entering into a contract with Safe Haven Baby Box for the installation and monitoring of a No Shame, No Blame, No Name legal, safe location for at-risk mothers to surrender an infant for whom they can’t care.

Two members of our club: Margaret Ridley and RGFRW 2nd VP Stephanie Guerrero, spear-headed the community initiative, prompting bi-partisan, unanimous support from Belen’s Mayor Noblin, the entire City Council including Councilman Holdman, Councilman Ortega, Councilman Bernal, Councilwoman Armijo, the city clerk Dorothy Flores, City manager Peralta, Police Chief Harris, as well as Councilwoman Padilla before her untimely passing in December.

Following the example of this club and several area churches, the community raised over $17,000 toward the purchase, installation, and promotion of the Safe Haven Baby Box.

The City of Belen is now in a race with the City of Hobbs to become the second installation in the state before April/May.

Congratulations to all who put their support for life into action and made this happen. Thank you, Mayor Noblin and the Belen office staff and city council who stepped out to choose a better way to help care for the least of these in our community.


Watch for initiatives on how to take the following steps of fostering, adoption, CASA, or respite support for our kids.

It’s not enough to save them…we have to raise them!