Yesterday afternoon, a mom had a tough choice to make. She chose to give her child a chance at a life, one that she herself could not offer. Pray for her. As a club, we are now part of this story! Through your fundraising efforts the RGFRW donated the largest community amount toward this resource for our county. AND A LIFE WAS SAVED.

If you know a young woman in need of help, please direct her to the HELP HOTLINE AT 1-866-99BABY1.  If she still believes she cannot care for her infant, the Belen Beloved Baby Box stands ready to help at the First Station on 5th St in Belen, NM.

Thank you to Senators Greg Baca and Sen Gallegos for their tireless efforts in the Roundhouse to streamline funds and the adoption process in our state.

If you desire to be part of saving lives and offering support to women and families as well as helping to build a strong, healthy community, please join us each 4th Tuesday, 6pm at Grounded Cafe in Belen, NM. There is room for you! We need your help!