Think about your circle.

You may not have a big circle of influence, yet you can still choose to INSPIRE others.

Think of those in leadership around you: your pastor, a boss, a teacher, a mentor, a representative, a senator, a councilman. When is the last time you shook your pastor’s hand and commented on how the message inspired you? Have you told a teacher when their lesson clicked, or emailed a representative and inspired them to hold strong for righteousness.

Show initiative… This week, inspire three.

Right now… grab a pen and write down three names.

Got them? Now… write down your action plan to inspire each one.

Now…  Pick three younger individuals.

Write down their names.

How can you inspire those who are coming up behind you? When is the last time to spoke to a younger person of the potential you see? Have you invited someone younger to ice-cream or coffee and listened to their hopes and dreams and thoughts on politics.   Have you shared truth. and invited them to our meetings?

How can you inspire others to join us? Jot down your ideas now.

Offer to sponsor their RGFRW membership for the year at $35.

Do you have their names?



Would like to sponsor a $35 membership or $20 associate?

Would you like contact information for a Senator or Representative?