Jayne Gardner, a champion.

Jayne Gardner was a champion for conservative values and the pro-life movement. She will be dearly missed. Here are some memories and parting thoughts from members of our board. We will miss you, Jayne.

“Jayne was the most steady, calm, and beautiful person I know. She was my teacher in all things dealing with elections, a valuable training partner, and someone I am honored to call a friend. She saw things the rest of us missed, saw good in everyone and everything. She spent time each month preparing talks about the right to life, she raised questions about troubling election legislative changes that allowed room for fraud (This sent repercussions throughout the state and created change). She had a beautiful smile, a quick wit, and a huge heart. She will be missed.” – Nancy Brenna

“It was a blessing to know Jayne. She was the club treasurer prior to me. She was a great help getting me started and I love having the same first name (even if we spelled it differently). She was a delight to talk to and share ideas with. I wish I had made an effort to spend even more time with her. I will greatly miss her. I look forward to seeing her again in heaven.” – Jane Gordon

“I have known Jayne since 2008 when our children were in the homeschool basketball league together. I have always thought highly of her and respected her. When I became RGFRW secretary in 2021, Jayne graciously offered advice and encouraged me for which I am thankful. I am going to miss her and her “pro-life moments.” She was a very special lady!” – Beverly Partsch

“I will miss Jayne greatly. She was a dedicated warrior of the pro-life movement and a tireless advocate for the unborn. In each conversation I had with her, she was encouraging and professional. I will miss her ready wit and shining example of excellence.” – Cherith Runyon