​Join The Movement!

Historically, bright red lipstick offered welcome symbol of feminine resistance to Hitler and the Nazi campaign. Once disdained as a sign of the suffrage movement and its rebellious shock value, Hitler’s position that the perfect woman must sport a “well-scrubbed face” with no makeup gave rise to campaigns asking women to “Keep your BEAUTY on duty!”

In 1940, the U.S. military approached Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics to create a lip color to match the piping on the female uniform. “Victory Red” and “Montezuma Red” lip colors became standard issue. Even Rosie the Riveter sported bright red lips in defiance of the evils of Hitler.

Red lips, beauty and cleanliness became a symbol of feminine victory, power and strength. Dove Soap was even touted as “doctor approved.” The idea of bringing power and hope through BEAUTY stood as a beacon against evil.

Lipstick became a patriotic symbol! So sport those Lovely Red Lips ladies. May truth and beauty always grace our lips as we stand against all that is ugly in the world.