Committee Update

We welcomed over fourteen regular/associate members at our last meeting. We are excited our name is getting out to the community.

If you have friends, family, or acquaintances that might be interested in becoming members or associate members, have them come to a meeting. Our Treasurer, Jane, has membership forms and will be happy to sign up new members anytime.

Also, we have postcards we can send to prospective members! These are a great way to get people involved. If you would like to pick up note cards and pass them out, let us know. As our schedules settle a bit, we will begin a note writing campaign.

We have two great events coming up, let’s get people involved!

If you meet someone that wants to know about a subject, we will be presenting at a meeting – invite them! For example, if someone wants to know what the NM Supreme Court Justices or the Apelet Court Judges do day to day, invite them to the April Meeting.

If you know someone that likes golf – invite them to play, become sponsors, or donate to the silent auction at our Golf Tournament on May 21st. We have Candidates, local officials, members, and local businesses that are playing in, or are sponsors at the tournament.


They can meet and talk to great people including, but not limited to, Candidates, great (and maybe not so great) golfers, RGFRW members, and local officials. They can also find out more about businesses that support us and believe in what we stand for.