Our Committee News

We have a total of 80 members and associate members and will be starting a membership drive at our next meeting…. stay tuned for details.

Many of our members (which include our associate members) are very active in the community and people around the state have taken notice. We have seen Candidates ask us for help getting their message out, which we accomplished efficaciously. Our members stand for their ideals and share information on why those ideals are important.

When talking to FRW members and other Republican groups around the state, the first comment I hear is, “what’s going on in Valencia County?” then “You guys are rocking it!” Even our own notice what we are doing. We want to keep our message going and spread it far and wide!

Bringing in new members will broaden that range and continue the spread of our message. We are here to help get good candidates elected, to support families, pro-life efforts, law enforcement, small businesses, schools, elected officials, and the list goes on!


Let’s share our vision with as many people as we can and spread this message to all who will listen. In today’s world, there is so much at stake!