Committee Update

As of today, we have a total of 53 people that have joined the RGFRW this year. Of those people, 36 are full members and 17 are associate members. Although this Committee has not had a formal meeting, we are now up to 4 committee members all with excellent ideas.

The board approved and Cindi designed postcards, notecards, and palm cards for sharing with the community, including our meeting days and times as well as our website information.

Cherith has done an excellent job of keeping our website up to date and our Forum brought in quite a bit of notoriety and interest in our Group.

We had a table at the forum, handed out cards and membership information and added a couple members to our list.

I sat in on a zoom call earlier this month put on by the National FRW called “Bite-sized Membership.” I came away with an amazing number of suggestions and can’t wait to implement some of them… stay tuned.

We are already building relationships with people in the community by talking about the Club “that everyone is talking about,” and inviting them to join. It seems that everywhere I go, someone has heard about RGFRW.


Let’s keep the momentum going as we go forward, spreading the word about the good we do in the community and helping to get good candidates elected!

~ Nancy Brenna, Membership Committee Chair