Baca Goes to NM Supreme Court!

Senator Baca and his colleagues will argue their position in front of the Supreme Court of NM Wednesday, November 17, at 9:30am. Let’s take a moment to thank, encourage, and pray for Senator Greg Baca. While representing our communities, our Senator has filed a lawsuit against Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

This is because of her unlawful attempt to subvert the Constitution of New Mexico and single-handedly spend money intended for all New Mexicans.

The lawsuit filed by Senator Baca (R) & Senator Jacob Candelaria (D) has been joined by our State Treasurer and 4 other Democrat Senators! All of these are chairmen of influential committees who agree that the Legislature is the body with the authority to appropriate the money.


BIG THANK YOU Gregory Baca for your hard work and your persistent efforts to defend our rights against this Governor!